what does it mean – > Bozo Explosion?


The Bozo Explosion was possibly coined by Steve Jobs at Apple:

“Actually, Steve believed that A players hire A players—that is people who are as good as they are. I refined this slightly—my theory is that A players hire people even better than themselves. It’s clear, though, that B players hire C players so they can feel superior to them, and C players hire D players. If you start hiring B players, expect what Steve called “the bozo explosion” to happen in your organization.” -Guy Kawasaki

via Urban Dictionary: Bozo Bomber.

setting up own businesss

setting up own businesss

Nowadays setting up business and work on your own is getting more and more important. The reason for that unsecure job conditions and some different reasons.

With firing or laiding off not only your monthly income disappears, but your considerable investments too: time, effort, dedication and sacrifice -> that is terrible investment with not any outcome at the end.

Conclusion: work and try built up your own business.




“A team of explorers travel through a wormhole in an attempt to find a potentially habitable planet that will sustain humanity.”

This film continues for 169 minute. This film is action kind film, you don’t feel how these minutes passing away. Interesting effects.

While watching you smile, cry, get emotional ..interesting process is going around.

But truth is love is strong feeling whatever happens. Here by word love I mean all kind of love. This can be among father and daughter, between woman and man, between friends.

Nice film, watch it! 🙂




There is one sayng: when you pray while it is raining – all your prays will be accepted.

Rain is a mercy of God dropping down to us. I believe so .

The fact is without water there would be no life on Earth. Therefore I assume this thought is believable.

Rain itself making me to feel more relaxed, to feel more calm, unstressful feelings. That is really nice.

And after rain there is calmness in weather, you feel its freshness.

So friends, when it is rains let’s make small prays, wish all prays to be accepted.

Praying itself is a therapy 🙂 Try it!

La vie en Rose



Film is about Édith Piaf- France’s greatest international star.

When watching this film, one is feeling negative. Edith’s childhood, her teenager years and adult life all were something really hard. At some point you feel comfort when she sang and enjoy her voice. And feel happy. That was good point to see her happiness while she sang. Her voice was really great.

After watching the film you ask why her life was so wrong. What she could do differently? And etc.

One of the answer is she could stop drinking alchohol, it made her life complicated. She destroyed her own life. She could live differently…

But again her voice was wonderful : La Vien en Rose

Film: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0450188/



Today’s post I would dedicate for love!

Word the Love is adorable itself, by only hearing this word one want to feel something sweet, something warm, something caring, something passionate.

And if you are alone, and not having the chance to feel all these great feeling you feel really upset.

I guess everyone is familiar with this kind of feelings.

Somebody in love and get reply for their love- this is awesome. Somebody in love and can’t get reply for their love – this is pity. Somebody in love and loved one also loves back  what is strange they can’t be together despite the fact that there is nothing to prevent their unity- this is tragedy.

In this moment, I want to scream for all world >>> keep your love nearby don’t waste your time for just searching the reasons to stop loving, just love, just accept all  circumstances and feel that love!!!

I hope you can hear my voice over there 🙂 and if not that is ok! I am sure you will feel the voice of my tenderness.

Here is small note: Love people!  Don’t wait until your chance is vanishing!

Keep your Love Nearby!



Autumn in Baku (my home town)



Baku is very small, sweet, warm city. I love this city very much, maybe the reason is that – it is my homewtown. I was born and grew up here.

Today after work I was walking in the street and realised one more time , Baku is really beautiful and warm for the soul.

Usually people compare season with the age of human. And autumn that part which is middle age of person. In this age everything should be in its place as after autumn it comes winter. If you wouldn’t be able to comfort yourself in your autumn then winter will come with its hardness. But if vice versa then you will be in comfort zone 🙂

Here I will share one photo that express “Autumn in Baku” . See if you like it here 🙂

Feelings all around


Million times she has kept herself to call him, to write him, to pock him, to come to him and etc. Other million times she just has done that, other million times she has blamed herself that what the hell she wants from the man that doesn’t  want what she wants..


And then she see or I read something that makes her to turn to his side again. For example like this phrase:
“Life is short, start now on your dreams so in the end you’ll never have to ask yourself “what if?”  What would have happened had I thrown my whole self at my dreams?” (c)

This kind of things making her to gain new hopes ..maybe useless, but at the end she will be sure that she has tried☺