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Inspired by Scott!


When someone asks me what is my favorite dream or goal or wish. There is one thing is coming to my mind : it is writing! I don’t even know what to write what about to write but I want to write and I want everyone to read my writings 🙂 some egoist feelings I have I know 🙂

So that is the reason I have started this blog. I continue to write in English mainly (despite the fact that my English is not superb). I just want all world to hear me 🙂 that is simple.

I really believe that one day I will publish my writings and I will write books to share with you all. So wish me Luck!

Today I have read some great advises from Scott Dinsmore. (here is the link from his Ted performance)

So I would like you to know him too, he is cool 🙂

Let’s get start to write 🙂

My way


Today is September 24th 2014, 3 days ago I turned to 31 years old.

I have read what I had written last year ( I pointed out that I am struggling and wouldn’t rely on somebody.

Yes today I continue struggling, but now I don’t see this action as struggle. This is called life.

So many different people, so many different views of that people, and there is me, waiting everyone to accept me as I am. But I wait for impossible thing ever! 🙂 So I put up to expect.

Today I have planned goals, desires, dreams, wishes. I want to live, to love, to help, to enjoy my life.

So I continue my way 🙂

Here is song for listening 😉

after a while..


It has been already eight months that I haven’t written pity..

I realise now how i was busy. how the life taken me into its busiest times..

I would like to share my travel view here, I have traveled to Turkey. I was in Bursa and Istanbul. By the way Istanbul is my favorite city ever. There is calmness and joy in this city. I can travel there again and again, it was third time that I have visited. Again was in love 🙂


Bursa is also lovely city, it has mountain named Uludag which is very nice place. Here I will share the view from the mountain in Bursa.

I would visit all cities in Turkey. Very lovely places with great history!







The song: Sultanlar Ashkina


Fresh Start




New is always good, is always nice, is always fresh.

New calendar year is here so “fresh start” will take its part.

Everyone analyze their last year and set goals for coming one. Some do this every day – asking questions; what I did? What I gained? What I should do? And etc…

The thing is life is going on and every minute is fresh start…and truth is we should not scare from starts even they will be start from zero point.

I – myself learned a lot last year J even I thought where was I and couldn’t see life’s “secret acts”…I saw everything in innocence J was believing every one sincerely and don’t know the reason but I believed everyone will help me ..Everyone will show me the direction… I just believed it …

Now thank to 2013 events I realized life is different concept… you should be you first of all! (This is important) and then you should not rely on somebody. There are just you!

You should aim high, at the moments you should keep cool 😉

You should realize every minute is precious, and what is gone it is already gone don’t keep eyes on it…let go. And begin again with fresh start…

You should see what is around not just in your room but around…you should keep yourself uptodate.

You should push hard to achieve your goals. You should set that goal …

You should not care what others will say will think …as soon as you archive what is important and what will take you up- that time everyone will come to your side!(reality)- in this time what is important you will know who worth your attention …

You should not wait until someone realizes… you should keep going toward… you should struggle… even if you are good at what you are doing no one will say bravo! Until you yourself prove it…and even that moment if you feel no motivation so it means you should find new things you should keep struggling…

Struggling for better- it is good thing but indeed not all pie…in the process you should relax and feel happy moments in your life… with family with friends with  nature – this is the best remedy for gaining strength- so keep friends around you who give positive attitude and whom you learned new things.. New is always fresh!

These are what I learned in 2013…

I want to thank everyone who helped me to learn these lessons in 2013 J because with knowing these aspects it is easy to go beyond borders… and I believe there are much more to learn to feel to gain to achieve… as new is always fresh and fresh is inspiring…

More and more happy moments to you all!


today’s morning was positive :)


Today in my way to work I saw one man, who was watching at me all way in station. Afterwards he come across and said that he knew me. So he was that man whom I interviewed, I remembered him. I met him in the period when I was recruiting. I liked him that time, he was clever, smart guy. I saw him as microfinance loan officer. But he persisted to be problem loan officer, he said that division is more interesting, and said cannot work as microfinance loan officer. So this morning he recognized me in the station and said 2 interesting things J

One was that, he could never think that he can see me in the station J (there is one opinion that station is for low level people or something like that) and my reply to him was that : subway is more fast then any transport so I choose this kind of transport.

Second issue was that, he said he could never think that we would invite him for a job. When I met him that time, I said I will give his  CV to the problem loans division. And he never believed to my words. But indeed after 3 months  our HR dep called him for a job offer. So he thanked me for this J to say truth I was happy!

This was my morning beginning today.

wanting desire need


It’s not about the Universe giving you what you want, when you want it. It’s about the Universe training you to be who you are. Assisting you in winning back the knowledge of who you REALLY are. Powerful. Whole. Abundant. Worthy Enough. Safe. Guided We might think we have problems, but the only real problem we have is that we are disconnected from our source.

Our job: Stay available. Stay open. Stay patient. And know that the answer will most likely be revealed and in a way you haven’t considered. Trust that life is unfolding at a pace that meets your best and highest development.

You control what you can control and let the Universe do the other 50%. If things aren’t happening how and when you want them to – smile. The Universe is at work trying to show you a better way.

So while you’re waiting: live with gratitude live with patience live with humility. And say to yourself: “I trust that I will be given everything I need and in far greater ways than I can imagine.”

Dr. Danielle Dowling